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Fortwill auto paints gives your vehicals the most desirable look & surface finish at the most affordable price

Automotive paint is paint used on automobiles for both protection and decoration purposes.Water-based acrylic polyurethane enamel paint is currently the most widely used paint for reasons including reducing paint’s environmental impact.Modern automobile paint is applied in several layers, with a total thickness of around 100 µm. Paint application requires preparation and primer steps to ensure proper application. A base coat is applied after the primer paint is applied. Following this, a clear coat of paint may be applied that forms a glossy and transparent coating. The clear coat layer must be able to withstand UV light.

Primer is a paint product that allows finishing paint to adhere much better than if it were used alone.  For this purpose, primer is designed to adhere to surfaces and to form a binding layer that is better prepared to receive the paint. Because primers do not need to be engineered to form a durable finished surface, they can instead be engineered to have improved filling and binding properties with the material underneath. Sometimes this is achieved by chemistry, as in the case of aluminium primer, but more often this is achieved through controlling the primer’s physical properties, such as porosity, tackiness, and hygroscopy.Primer as a step in the coating process of a car body.


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It has a superior whiteness of 89+ Hunter Scale
It has a high refractive index
It has a high compressive strength of 60 MPa
It has superior fineness in the 370 – 400 Blaine


Better countenance of the wall faces with any colour and depicting the true tone of pigment
Less consumption of Pigment
Higher fineness- better dispersion of pigment.
Higher Strength-less consumption for targeted strength


Fortwill auto paints makes your floor space a personal work of art fortwill auto paints  gives you long lasting vehicles and everlasting Pride!Birla White has stretched its practicality across wide spectrum of creative options


Q: What additional Auto body supplies do I need to paint my car besides the auto paint?


At a minimum, you will need a acrylic reducer. You can purchase this from us by clicking here or from a local auto supplies store. Acrylic Hardener, clear coat and primer may be required depending on the results you are looking to achieve and the condition of your vehicle. See our products description page for specific information on these additional supplies.

Q: What is the mixture ratio with reducer and hardeners on your clear coat?


As with all our car paints, the ratio for reducer is 4 to 1, meaning for every 4 oz’s of clear or auto paint, add 1 oz of acrylic reducer. If using an acrylic hardener, add 1 oz of hardener to every 8 oz’s of clear.

Q: I've sprayed several cars before, what brand would you compare to?


Our customers compare us to brands costing triple our price including Centari, PPG and Dupont.

Q: What is the flash time on your line of Acrylic Lacquer automotive paints?


Flash time on the Acrylic Lacquer auto paints is usually in 15 minutes.

Q: Do you custom mix colors and do you have other colors available?


We do not custom mix colors. We are working on adding colors, when and if they are available, they will be listed on ebay and added to this site.

Q: What is the difference between the Acrylic Enamel auto paints and Acrylic LAcquer auto paints?


Acrylic lacquer paints have been largely discontinued by most manufacturers. Acrylic Lacquer auto paint, is primarily for antique or classic car restorations, where the highest possible gloss and shine is desired. Acrylic Lacquer auto paints also will not have the durability of acrylic enamels or urethane auto paints. For this reason, we recommend the Acrylic Lacquer paints for garage kept vehicles that see limited use. Our Acrylic enamel auto paints, will have more durability than the Acrylic Lacquers, and will have a slightly less glossier finish. Please also note that buffing out the finished paint job when using Acrylic Lacquer auto paints is required.